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5.7 /10
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The year is 2017. Cee is caught up in the whirlwind of Mia's Wedding Day. Her younger, vibrant, and bubbly sister. In midst of throwing her sister's wedding, Cee is also, trying to recoup the final straw of her crumbling marriage. As the wedding begins, chaos strikes as a virus hits the ceremony and spreads within seconds. Cee watches the event unfold before her eyes. Left in disarray, Cee escapes and finds herself alone in a collapsing world surrounded by war and the infected whom we come to know as Newborns and Deadheads. Along the way, she meets a mysterious man by the name of Caleb. Caleb tells Cee some secretive information about the outbreak that will change her life forever and the lives of anyone lucky enough to survive. The film also stars Ryan Houston as Jay, Cee's cocky, often wise-cracking husband. The tempestuous and hot headed Isabel. Abraham, a kind, but driven scientist who brings Cee up to speed about their current mission and finding the one's responsible for the outbreak. Rex, a militant, mouthy all-about-business southerner and Bob, a gentle giant, who can handle business when it comes down to it.


Sami Reynolds, Raymond Tostado, Carl Bailey, Michael Crabtree


Jorge Nunez


Jorge Nunez

تاريخ الصدور: 06 Mar 2018
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