A Different Set of Cards 2016


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A secluded warehouse, a money transfer, a poker table and 4 players who meet each other at that place. The fade shuffle the cards and Ben Borkman is playing the game of his life. The other players are a Bad-Ass, an anxious baldy and an femme fatale. The chards change by each round and so the four player's characters. All Players are involved in the same game. Based on one and the same situation the 4 players act the dealer's part, the accomplice's part, the cop part and the part of thef unknown. The film basically covers the question 'How does an identical initial position develops itself when the characters (who act a part) change?


Jutta Dolle, Guido Grollmann, Adrian Linke, Tim-Olrik Stöneberg


Falko Jakobs


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تاريخ الصدور: 20 May 2016
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