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لعبة النينجا الرائعة , لكل عشاق المغامرات والالعاب ذات المتسويات المختلفة فاذن هذه اللعبة لك

لعبة جديدة كاملة من الإثارة والتشويق، من الحركة  والقتل والانتباه لطريقة حتى تجنب وقع العقبات التي سوف تجتمع على طول الطريق، ولكن عليك أن تكون حذرا، سوف يكون هناك دائما الفخاخ مفاجأة لتعطيك الإثارة في نهاية المطاف الممكنة.

Ninja Runway 2 is a brand new game full of excitement and thrill, you have to run, jump, kill so you can manage your way through the obstacles that you will meet along your way, but you have to be careful, there will always be surprise traps to give you the ultimate excitement possible.

Ninja Runway 2 has 7 phases, each phase contains 10 levels in this release, all levels are opened and you can start from where-ever you wish!

There are 3 characters you can choose from, but you have to collect enough gold to purchase them.

The advantages of Ninja Runway 2 game: Game is built on “Build Box” which is a quality of high level, the game has no end, where more levels are introduced automatically as soon as you finish all the phases and the levels inside each phase.

The game is very thrilling and FREE of noisy advertisements, so you get all the fun, try Ninja Runway 2 NOW and enjoy the exciting atmosphere. Please don’t forget to give us your review and ranking if you enjoyed Ninja Runway 2.

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