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Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combat missions across the world. Select from a variety of rotary and fixed-wing VTOL aircraft to complete your missions.

GUNSHIP BATTLE is a helicopter action game that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you into an immersive combat experience the moment you start the game.

【 Features 】

★ Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.

★ Select from a wide range of helicopters, each with unique characteristics.

★ Arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment.

★ Complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts.

★ Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custom mission.

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هتلاقي ملفين APK

الاول مساحته 2 ميجا . هتسطبه ومش تفتحه

التاني المساحه كامله 71 ميجا هتسطبه

بعدين هتنقل الداتا الي فولدر Obb

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V 2.4.81 MOD MONEY
Require 4.00 and above
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