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هذا البرنامج رائع ومميز جدا في مجال تصحيح و تحسين الصور - لأنه أحيانا لا تكون الصور كما تريدها بالضبط . فمرة قد تكون الصورة مظلمة و مرة قد تكون ضعيفة التباين أو باهتة الألوان و أحيانا يغلب عليها الطابع الرمادي . و لتصحيح ذلك تحتاج إلى طريق طويل في دراسة علم التصوير ... لذا فإن هذا البرنامج يختصر لك كل ذلك فهو سهل جدا جدا حتى على المبتدئين .حيث يتميز بسهولة التعامل والتوضيح

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer impresses with its brand new look. The user interface underwent a “facelift”. It is now structured and arranged more clearly, which allows you to start with the optimization of your photos right away. A long search for your desired function or favorite effect is a thing of the past! Those functions and effects can now be accessed instantly, as the program allows you to integrate up to 6 of your favorite functions directly within the user interface to keep them handy anytime.

The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is the intelligent tool for that certain something in your photos! All functions are clearly arranged and easily accessible. This allows you to achieve amazing results right from the start. Add brilliance and refinement to your pictures in just a few clicks!


- One-click optimization for bright and brilliant photos

- Conversion of photos into a desired format

- Optimization of several pictures with one click

- Red eye removal


- Clearly structured user interface

- Explorer-like image viewer

- Freely adjustable before / after view


- Aging of images

- Creation of stamps

- Inversion of colors

- Change in sharpness


- Automatic backup

- Watermarking of photos

- Selection of meta data for more anonymity


- Share images with friends on Facebook, Picasa etc.

- Send pictures by e-mail

- Select images directly from a camera
افضل برامج تحسين الصور وتصحيحها Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6.0.20
افضل برامج تحسين الصور وتصحيحها Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6.0.19
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