Best 3 In 1 Repair Course 2017

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Best 3 In 1 Repair Course! Captivate, Infuse, and Skyrocket
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Cell phone repair course covering the Samsung i727, i897, and i997. Learn needed skills to start in the repair industry!
If the multi-billion dollar phone repair industry interests you then a must is knowing how to repair all phones, new and old. This course covers three of the most popular Samsung phones that kicked off the galaxy series line of phones. With the i897 Captivate, i997 Infuse, and i727 Skyrocket you will have an incredible grasp of the common repairs associated with cell phones. This course covers three cell phones and has 35 chapters which give you insight into the modular hardware replacement, diagnostics and troubleshooting, and soldering tips for a well-rounded understanding of true technical repairs. Using these videos to build a solid base in the cell phone repair industry is a must. Once completed, the skills you will learn can take an ordinary repair business to the next level. To become a competitive repair technician, one must understand all aspects of phone repair. This understanding ranges from troubleshooting to soldering and charging port replacement, all of which is covered in this detailed course.

There are 3 sections with 11 videos per section. Each section covers a specific phone and the repairs associated with that phone. Although the phones and repairs are similar they are not exactly the same. It is a must in the cell phone industry to see different phones and how they are built and assembled to have a firm grasp on how other phones may vary. We show each repair individually so you can see the specific repair you are interested in, without the need to watch unwanted videos. If all sections in the course are watched, there are over 2 hours of detailed course content. Once completed you will have an incredible understanding of the common repairs involved for the samsung captivate, infuse, and skyrocket.

Section 4 is a bonus. Everyone knows someone who has had a phone with some sort of liquid damage. It covers liquid damage detection, basic and advanced cleaning. This 2 chapter section will go from start to finish and give you a great insight into tackling phones which may have encountered swimming pools or the dreaded bathroom toilet.

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