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Ashampoo Photo Recovery helps you recover photos that were lost either by accident or due to technical failure. No special knowledge require! The program allows you to recover photos from various disk types in just a few steps. The new search not only allows you to select which formats to search for but also enables you to specify a size and resolution.Photos hold an irreplaceable, immaterial value. Whether it’s wedding, vacation, holiday or childhood images, they remind us of the most memorable moments in our lives. If they are lost, either by accident or due to technical failure, the damage will be considerable. That’s when you’ll be glad you have Ashampoo Photo Recovery at your disposal, the photo recovery specialist!   

Ashampoo Photo Recovery will recover your digital photos if: Photos have been deleted by mistake; The memory card in your digital camera or cellphone is defective; A USB flash drive has been formatted or has become defective; The memory card in your cellphone has been formatted; The file system is corrupt.

Feature highlights:

• Finds images in PDF, EXE or word files

• Recovers photos from damaged RAW files

• Convenient presets for many uses cases

• Optimized for over 20 RAW formats

• Also optimized for Windows 10 and high resolution displays

• Over 20 different RAW formats supported!

• Supports modern formats (JPEG 2000, WebP, JPEG XR)

• Special search filter for rare formats (e.g. APCDOC, PSD, TGA, PCX, SGI)

• Search by size or resolution for better results

• Recover individual frames from multi-page images (animations etc.)

• Recover deleted or corrupted image files

• Scan all available drives

• Recover photos from formatted disks

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