Starter Toolkit 2016

Starter Toolkit - 2016 Download / Watch

اسطوانة رائعه جدا تحتوي على معظم البرامج التي تهم المستخدم العادي بعد تسطيب ويندوز جديد الاسطوانه متوافقة مع جميع نسخ الويندوز للنواتين

Collection of must-have programs to install right after Windows Setup. This package contains almost all programs to perform the first tasks right after Windows setup. This includes Windows activation and its backup, tweaking the user interface to your convenience, the necessary file managers to handle common file types, Install drivers, install 3rd party themes, Media Player alternative, Notepad alternative, image viewers, ISO managers, download accelerator, Torrent client, runtimes, .Net, popular browsers and plugins, junk cleaners, programs updater and finally some tools to make a full working image or a factory image of your partitions or entire hard disk to restore in case of disaster

الإصدار الأول لاسطوانة البرامج الهامة بعد تسطيب الويندوز Starter Toolkit May 2016 v1.0 بحجم 400 ميجا فقط على اكثر من سيرفر
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