Hisn al muslim - حصن المسلم 2016

Hisn al muslim - حصن المسلم - 2016 Download / Watch

Great features :

- Available in Arabic, English, French and also you have a transliteration when you scroll down

- Listen to the audio of every Hadith in offline mode

- A very fresh user interface inspired from the latest system

- Option to share the hadith with your family and friends

- Search of Hadith easy to use thanks to the auto complete texte field.

- Create your own favorite list just by making a long press on a Hadith

Other features:

His al muslim CallerID feature for unknown number identification.

This feature will show Call information during/after calls and you can fully adjust it to your preferences.

Enable / disable or configure the CallerID at any time in the settings menu.

In the CallerID, we also deliver messages from the Hisn al muslim app directly to you.


Salam alikoum brothers and sisters,

Al Hamdolilah ala ni3mati al Islam

"Al Hamdolilah for the ni3ma (Grace, Gift) of islam and Quran"

+ Fix bugs and improve performance

Please if you're happy with the new version make duaa for us and don't forget to rate us on Google Play Store to help us improve incha allah

Barakallah Fikoum

v1.7.9 [Premium]
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