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Notific doesn’t impact battery life as it will only use the proximity sensor for 10 secs.
The memory usage is highly optimized (2-10MB) and doesn’t use 50MB+ as in other notification apps.                        


  •  You can unlock directly by double tap on circular drag handle.
  • Drag and hold on the dismiss spot to dismiss all notifications
  • Proximity sensor values are calibrated for Nexus devices by default. If you have problems with the sensor on
  • Galaxy or Xperia devices, try calibrating the sensor from Troubleshooting settings or Turn Off Pocket Mode

What’s in this version

  • New in 5.1.3
  •  Fixed “After Unlock Show when” mode settings properly
  • New in 5.1.1
  •  Easily direct reply to all chats in Whatsapp by separate notifications for every contact. (Android 5.0+). Enable disable this settings under “Reply Settings”
  •  Double tap to sleep option in AndroidWear theme (4.4+). Settings under “Others”
  •  Lots of interface improvements and legacy theme colors fixed for Android 5.0+

v5.1.3 Cracked
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